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Health Benefits of Cannabis
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What is Indica?
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Welcome to WeedLoverz a site created to guide you into the world of cannabis and explore more in depth the health benefits and side effects of consuming this natural plant. We will guide you to gain a better understanding of the medical and recreational use, legalities and where to buy these plants from licensed producers.

Weedloverz has been around since 2018, as an online destination to learn about the thousands of cannabis strains available for your medical needs. Whether you’re new to cannabis or expert enthusiast, we welcome you to expore the multitude of strains that suit your needs and lifestyle.

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With so many different companies and dispensaries opening up all over Canada and the United States, there has never been so much interest in Cannabis and products related to the green stuff. From CBD, to news, bongs, pipes, strains and shatter – WeedLoverz is dedicated to providing you with interesting topics, products and brands from all over North America.

Our team is dedicated to building a site that shows and reminds users with a safe understand of cannabis as well as tips and tricks from professional growers to novices. Let us show you why our site is not like any of the other blogs out there!

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